Talech iPad POS


Get the Competitive Edge with Talech:
Advanced Full Feature iPad POS
Simple & Powerful

Take orders, apply discounts and tips, manage inventory, and view reports with just a few taps. Talech outpaces the competition with integrated payment processing, loyalty and gift cards, employee scheduling and many more advanced features.



Detailed buying reports

help you track purchasing trends and  understand customer spending.


Employee time clock

with inventory management to enable real time cost analysis.


Integrated loyalty

program rewards repeat customers while driving new sales.



How Talech iPad POS beats the Competition


Register Features

  • Cash drawer management
  • Order level discounts
  • Send order tickets to multiple printers
  • Void items
  • Save open orders
  • Adjust tips
  • Reopen orders
  • Custom items
  • Collect customer contact info
  • Set orders for Dine-In and To-Go
  • Item level discounts
  • Table # and table positions
  • Sync orders between devices
  • Automatic gratuity
  • Sign on device
  • E-mail receipts and invoices
  • Variable priced items
  • Sent order tickets by category
  • Create and track gift cards

Payment Processing

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Pre-authorize credit cards
  • Credit card
  • Gift card
  • Split checks by customer amount, fraction or table position


Menu Management & Back Office

  • Bulk upload product list
  • Track product inventory in real-time
  • Create variations with different price points and quantities
  • Create multiple taxes and control settings per item or category
  • Bulk edit product details
  • Create add-ons and exclusions
  • Clock-in and timesheets
  • Multi-user access
  • Employee access controls

Reports and Analysis

  • Real-time reporting
  • Access reports anytime, anywhere
  • Summary reports by hour/day/week
  • Top selling products by volume or revenue
  • Top categories
  • Voided items
  • Cash drawer
  • Sales by employee
  • Timesheets
  • Valuable insights and recommendations to improve sales
  • Track customer metrics: last visit, average spent & total visits
  • Download all reports in Excel